International Journal of Dermoscopy

International Journal of Dermoscopy is a pioneer for clinical research in the world of dermoscopy. This journal publishes articles dealing with dermoscopy as well as trichoscopy. It not only highlights the latest advances made in the field of dermoscopy but also deals with nuances in the sub surface arena of dermatology. This journal is essential reading for all dermatologists seeking to master the art of dermoscopy. It is the first and only source of peer reviewed material with a targeted focus on dermoscopy and its noninvasive investigative scope. The aims of this journal are to publish articles dealing with the latest in dermoscopy and trichoscopy, to encourage case studies in dermoscopy, to inspire original and review articles, thus contributing to better comprehension of dermoscopic dilemmas. It also aims to unmask dermoscopic-histopathological correlation of various skin lesions. This journal offers regular reviews by experts in dermoscopy and trichoscopy. Letters to the editor provide an open forum for discussion and debate regarding various dermoscopic findings and their clinical relevance. It is an open access publication which gives our international readers an opportunity to full texts. This is the only international platform for dermatologists to publish, expand and diversify their dermoscopic knowledge.